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A famous saying to me

A famous saying can inspire a person’s whole life.Fitflop Via Tan Satisfyifitflops for New SalengA famous saying, may change a person’s oneCrush Boot Black FitFlopStudents; a famous saying, may also make a tilted people on the road…… “The day as location, terrain and better” saying this revelation to me the deepest! “The day as location, terrain and better” saying this is Mencius said. I think the meaning is: favorable timing and climate are not as favorable terrain, favorable terrain is not as good as the people together. In real life, there will be such a case, there are such examples in our class, I came to tell you one of them! In my impression, a school held a tug of war between a class and the classes, although not my students to participate in the competition, but I also want to competition in our class classmate cheer! That our class and another class, our class to participate in the tug of war of the students, for the match. But it has a little time will find something strong to practice a practice, pull a pull. Finally, we finally Aodao the game that day, our class in school game each spirit enlivens, refreshing, not a bit afraid of other classes to participate in the competition of those students. We spectators of the students came to the open space adjacent to the venue, see our class participating students and another class the students participating in the station in the side of the red line, hand tightly holding the rope, ready for the game. “Beep” — a sound, the whistle blew, standing in rope on both sides of the participating students will immediately their leaning back some, hands tightly holding the rope, two players who will not let anyone. On the side of the US, but also for their cheer. “Come on! Refueling!” A burst of “refueling” sound into my ears, ears are almost deaf. As time went by, the two players are not eat to live, but still adhere to the teeth, gradually…… The red line slowly to each other’s side, we lose. However, the kind of spirit of the students in our class is worthy of our study! This thing told us “the day as location, location, and not as good as” the profound meaning: in one thing, and to cooperate with each other, unite as one, way to really finish a thing! A famous saying to me