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Military training
The long awaited military training has finally begun. We look at the military training is very simple, a smile. Line up and start training. One by one stood neatly, one by one. Whether it’s around or around. We were all standing in perfect order, and it was the first time we stood so well. The instructor told us to stand together, feet together. Put your hands between your legs and squeeze all your fingers together. Want to put a thumb thumb, forefinger and middle finger in the middle. We don’t know why when we stand See a slightly funny oneTimberland HerenWe’re going to laugh all the time. At this point, the instructor would say, “well, you’re laughing now.”. Wait till tomorrow, I make you cry too late, cry too endless.” Well, laugh and dare not laugh, but we still can not help laughing occasionally. “How can the sergeant be so fierce?”” One by one, praise. The instructor said, “don’t move, you can’t talk.”…….” Well, what should I do?. After standing for more than ten minutes, we all can not stand, the heel pain is dead. Well, I dare not move. That’s terrible. “You can take a rest.”Blue FitFlops“The instructor said. But just a break, not a minute, but also stand up. The instructor is really a pain in the neck. Well, I can stop now. It’s time to learn the next move. That is “at ease”. Usually at this action we feel too simple. But here, it’s different. There is a rule on how long your feet extend. The rest, we have learned for a long time. One by one the feet are numb, but what is the way? Sweat drops with a drop. FiveFitflop, AZTEK, CHADA, SLIDE, Urban, WhiteFiveFiveFive how can you do this? When standing, my feet are numb, I really want to have a hole, suddenly into the hole, not suffering here. It has been training for a long time and can be disbanded. Just when we were happy, you know what? He added: “when dissolving, we must say” scatter “, speak loudly, or dismiss.”.” Oh, my God. What’s that? Dissolution demands. So we cried out, “scatter!””. But the drill sergeant said not loudly, and we shouted a lot of noise before we disbanded. This military training has made us miserable. Thinking of military training tomorrow, I have a headache. Originally thought military training is simple, but now it is so. Hey, forget it, and never dare to despise military training. Source: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/junxunzuowen\/1Four1TwoTwo0619Three8Five1Five1170691.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageMilitary training

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Gifts for women’s Day

In another two days, it will be a holiday for women. Women will be able to spend the holidays with ease. Of course I’m ready too. The gift I prepared was “dark chocolate ice cream sandwich.””. First, put some flour in a bowl; then, a good amount of appropriate moisture into the soupSandali FitFlopBowl; then twist the flour into a large piece and then divide it into small pieces. Finally, twist the small flour into a circle and put it in the oven. Besides, I took chocolate ice cream out of my fridge. In the ten minutes, of course I was waiting with trepidation, and I thought, “what would those round cookies be like?” Will it be perfect, complete, or?…… IMen Brown DassCan’t wait for the cookies to finish soon. My heart and thought of my mother’s hard work, take care of my daily life, I worry about learning, every day except work, instead of going back home to cook for me, is to pick up my school, sometimes to go out to socialize, night doesn’t have much time to take care of me, but I don’t blame her, because she is work for our life, she is so hard ah! “Jingle bell” awakened my meditation. I put the ice cream between two cookies, and my black chocolate ice cream sandwich was finally finished! I immediately took it for my mother to try, and I saw her mother said: “Mom!”New, Fitflop, Lunetta, Urban, WhiteMom, this is “Three8 women’s Day” I gave you a gift, because women’s day to go to school, there is no time to give you a gift. So I’ll give you the present as soon as possible. Please try it quickly!” “All right, I’ll try the present you gave me now.”!” Mother to eat them with relish, like sweet, like what to eat table delicacies from land and sea like. Suddenly, mom said, “it tastes great!”!” I was glad to hear that, and it didn’t cost me any effort or thought. I would like to take this opportunity to repay my mother, this desire has finally come true, and my mother felt very comfortable. Finally, I didn’t waste my money on raising my children. Now I am paid finally. It was a very meaningful day! I have repaid my mother’s care and care for me, and I have learned how to care more about my mother, just as my mother cares about me. This article links: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/funvjiezuowen\/1Four1TwoTwo0619Three918Five0Three7TwoTwoFiveFive.htm, the next page is more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageGifts for women’s Day