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Rewrite the “wanderer” snow, suddenly, suddenly floated onto the ground until the evening, the earth became snow world. A shabby hut is located at the foot of the edge, the doors and windows are cold wind blown “thump” sound. The night was deep, and there was a faint light through the door. The house was dimly lit, and a rag covered the window without glass, trying to keep the cold wind from invading. There is an old table on the kang. A kerosene lamp was placed in the middle of the table, and the core of the lamp was beating gently. It seemed to bring a little warmth to the room. A nianguohuajia with wrinkles on the face of the mother, sitTwo01Four, New, FitFlop, Diamond, Sandal, GreyOn the Kang, his clothes were on his knees, and there were several patches on his clothes. My mother reached out his hand sewing baskets from the table and began to act as a go-between. I saw her squinting, staring at the left hand clenched right hand needle, the line, the faint light, into the hole. Then mother buried her head and stitched it carefully. She skillfully dressed with calloused old hand stitched. This is a needle, a wire sewn so fine, so. How many mothers devoted to their son?! The mother edge hem thought: Hey, now cold days, tomorrow the child would be taking a trip, if the dress is not strong not durable, the child alone in the outside, no one dress was torn up, would freeze the aunt. Thinking about it, the mother looked up and saw her son was absorbed in the book, afraid that his son would be cold and thirsty. He stopped his work and slowly rose to his feet, beat his sore waist, held up the teapot, poured a cup of steaming hot water for his son, and his hands were red with cold. In order to Beijing’s son with gusto read books, “son, drink slobber, warm up!” Hearing his mother’s words, he looked up and saw the dress that had been mended by his mother. He took the bowl carefully, and said excitedly, “thank you, mother.”!” Immediately, a warm current poured all over his body, the snow wind outside the house was cold, and the mother love made him feel the warmth of spring. He was thrilled to tears, thinking: mother, you like the spring sunshine, I like the grass, the grass as repay the sun, the son of a careful, how can we repay the mother of his son’s grave kindness? Thinking of it, he wrote down the pen on paper”Womens FitFlops saleThe mother line…… Reported in the apartments”. Source address: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/gaixie\/1Four1TwoTwo0619FourTwo7ThreeThree1FiveFiveThreeThreeTwo.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageRewrite “the song of a wanderer”

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Everyone has many memorable things, I am no exception, maybe make you unforgettable thing about many big, may also be some of the major countries, and I will tell this unforgettable things only from a popsicle start. It was a summer noon, and the sun baked the earth. Cicadas in the tree kept shouting: “cicada, cicada, hot ah, hot ah……” I have a dollar in my hand. To the entrance of the small shops to buy popsicles. Look at the store is a fashionable, dressed up aunt, her dazzling lipstick and pungent perfume makes me very disgusted with her. I frowned, and said to her: “buy a” grape popsicle “.” Who knows she ignored meFitFlop sale sandalsTalk to an aunt. I saw her so bad. Then he said it again. Next to the aunt can not see the past, it indicates that the aunt has a customer. The aunt, with a look of impatience, took a stick from the refrigerator”. “I want the” grape “!” I raised my voice to her. She is: “what do you call What one says is plausible., is not a popsicle? “No, don’t leave the grapes.”.” I was so angry that I was going to buy another shop. Have a dress style of the uncle, in Western dress and leather shoes, looks like a leader, the uncle was followed by a little boy, dressed in red face, very lovely. The uncle saw the door, the aunt on the exchangeFitFlop Gogh saleA pair of face, said: “so humble in serving a master, you come, want to buy what?” I saw the uncle said: “the children make popsicles.” The aunt hurriedly said: “ah, what a lovely child, what to eat popsicles, though, aunt.” Then, take advantage of open refrigerator, the inside of the popsicles are almost over, but it seems not to eat the little boy, the little boy crying: “I want” grape “!” “Well!” She said, from the inside out a “grape”, to help the little boy stripped popsicles paper, into the little boy. I saw this scene, very angry: is it possible to enjoy this treatment? Hum! I walked out of the shop without looking back. This matter I have so far unforgettable, I have been thinking about a problem: an officer is used to enjoy it? Now I see people do everything for an officer, I seem to understand what. An Unforgetable Thing

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New year tour Zhongshan Park

On the first day of the new year, my mother took me to Zhongshan Park to see the exhibition. Just enter the gate, he saw a Buddha, he quietly on the rockery, with tens of thousands of flower yellow chrysanthemums woven into the robe.2014 Fitflop Rock Sandals With Diamond pieces Chic BlackIt is as if it is too cold to live in limbs. Go inside, you can see a about twenty meters high, Shenzhou No. launch model, this model is composed of the upper half of Huang Juhua, the lower part of the composition of red chrysanthemums. From afar, it is like to immediately launch soar like clouds,. Further away, he saw the park some chrysanthemum like Hydrangea, some like fireworks, some plastic “Sanyangkaitai”, some.FitFlop on sale“Dragon and phoenix”. The most attractive style is “Peacock”, it is made of two and thirty thousand chrysanthemums, including red, yellow, white and other colors of the chrysanthemum, do especially fine, really like a peacock spread color, welcome to us. My mother and I are very happy, in the shape of a photo before. In the garden when I saw my Chinese teacher Lee and his family, and then they went to the lake. The mother sat on board, bow, stern and I sat Lee, Luo aunt, Li Xin sat the hull. When boating, because of the motherFitFlop HerrenMother and aunt Luo small force, President Lee and I force big, so the ship always left and turn right along, like a drunkard walking in the street come swaggeringly. A boat through different forms of stone, we looked at the edge of the stands on both sides of the chrysanthemum works, to greet the traffic, have lots of fun. After landing, Lee said: “ah, really like a ball!” From this incident, I realize the truth: we must work together to make it better! Later, we see the monkey mountain, because this year is the year of the monkey, the monkey like I found today than ever before, some of the more clever and lively. These monkeys are about five, the weight of the weight of sixty pounds, small may be less than $ten. There are two monkeys in drilling drilled in the “mountain” on the “eight hole Pavilion”, got dozens of times, only spread, really like hide and seek! Some chains in the two mountain top hung on the flip, disorderly call, like the other monkeys to protest, and as a gymnast in the show; and the monkey really fight, like in the competition this year “Monkey King” in the world! On the first day of the new year, I not only have fun, but also get a lot of knowledge. New year tour Zhongshan Park