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Song of the sea

The song of the sea in Shaanxi province Xi’an bears primary school class four in the fourth grade I love the sea, the sea beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, a look at the sky, it is so clear. A deep breath of air, it is so fresh. Feel the sea, it is so broad. I am always happy if there is a charming sea to accompany me. The sea has brought me a lot of fantasy…… I really want to sing to express my feelings of joy. Do not know why every time I see the sea of life, my heart will be stable. Perhaps my temperament and the sea as changeable bar! I love this resplendent with variegated coloration of the sea, the sea is beautiful. Ah, the sea! The sun is shining on the sea, shining bright. The sky is blue, the sea is blue; the sky attached sea, sea sky, sky, boundless, how spectacular ah! My eyes look carefully, distant and near the sea is not the same color: dark blue, dark green and light greenish blue, light green, the more the apricot! A block, a staggered, resplendent with variegated coloration of exceptional beauty. The sea breeze blows, glittering, sparkled like more The brightness dazzles the eyes., gem. I was fascinated by the beauty. I love the sunrise on the sea. Whenever I see the sky, there is a fire in the jump, I know that a new day has begun. Reddish pink sun, slowly, slowly, jumped up. The sunlight reflected the Red Sea, like to Harmon a mysterious red yarn. The clouds floating in the blue sky, close to the sea gulls flying happily. It is the wide sea diving, sky”!…… All this, it is so beautiful, so charming! I love the raging sea, waves sometimes like a row of Yong soil is about to set off on thebattlefield, YongFitFlopsDare to move forward, forward, forward! Were moving onLewis FitFlop shoes JohnThe beach, light shining, scattered waves; sometimes like a roaring lion, roar hit rock, beat the shore, like playing crazy struck his chin, bursts, waves, a majestic sound of music. The sea, ah, you like life, the rocks are like life in the setbacks. In life, sometimes very quiet, sometimes as the waves roar, but never depressed; sometimes it will arouse the beautiful spray, and frustration sometimes make life more dynamic, full of hope. “Hua Lala” I seem to have heard the song of the sea! Song of the sea